Wholesale & Distribution.

Carry our products to resale as a retailer, & increase sales & traffic with high quality, delivered consumable goods or use us as a distribution arm for all your frozen and dry goods throughout Saskatchewan.

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Retail - Business & Home

Information on our water delivery, Reverse Osmosis & softner systems along side anything water related for business & home consumption

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Gourmet Ice

Providing the smallest to the largest events in the prairie provinces with high quality gourmet ice.

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Offering high quality of Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline (PH Water) & Distilled water for all your needs

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Custom Labeled Bottled Water

Put your brand into the hands of your clients while hydrating them!

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About The Company

Emerald Water & Ice established in 2009 we are based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. We are a family operated company that services all of Saskatchewan, specializing in bottled water & bagged ice along with some of the most advanced water purification systems around.  All of our systems are designed and built right here in Regina Sask.  Our retail division presently employs 4 full time logistic specialists, 2 sales representatives and 2 full time installers who are fully trained to provide onsite service for our own systems as well as other companies’ systems & products.

Having won 3 international awards for the taste and quality of our products, we take pride in our work. Emerald water & Ice company owners have been in the water purification industry for the past 25 years, have a combined experience of over 30 years. With that, we can custom design and engineer the most advanced water purification systems for towns, villages, farms, acreages and home use.

Our mission statement is to provide mankind with a healthier, less expensive and more responsible priced water purification and water filtration systems that do not damage the environment and waste our natural resources.  Also check out our bran new line of HIGH PH Re-mineralized water, an Industry First.

This is a brief introduction and hopefully it has provided you with more information Emerald Water & Ice Inc. Please contact us anytime and it would be our pleasure to assist you with any questions you may have.



Let’s Talk Water…. Make our Water Work for You

Offering a 24 Hour U-Fill System located at 620 4th Ave E. Regina, Sk for $0.50/Gallon!

….Our most recent blogs….

A Treat for your Feet: Alkaline Water Foot Soak

Our feet take us everywhere, they deal with getting stuffed into socks and shoes, they take our weight all day, and sometimes they just ache. Getting a foot massage isn’t always a practical answer, either.  How about giving your feet some love right at home, with a relaxing, and even detoxifying, alkaline foot bath! Did […]

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Hydration is Key for our Furry Friends

For this week’s post I wanted to post a photo of a furry little friend. So I reached out to our great community on our facebook page. If you haven’t already – we encourage you to go “like our page” – we feel its a great medium and community to let you know what’s going […]

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Better Digestion from Alkaline Water

Our diets are filled with foods that cause acidic conditions in the body. With the overconsumption of these foods, such as breads, sweets, and meats, we have a more difficult time digesting and eliminating waste, so these wastes are stored in our tissues and fat cells.  Not only do we accumulate these acidic wastes, but […]

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Ice cold, steaming hot, or somewhere in the middle? Exploring the best temperature to drink your water at.

People look at me weird in restaurants because I always order a water with no ice. I don’t drink a lot of water with my meals anyway since I don’t want to dilute my digestive fire, but I do like a little here and there. Am I doing something smart, or should I change my […]

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Does Ice Quality Matter in the Quest for Excellent Cocktails?

For the sake of argument, I’m going to assume that you enjoy a well-crafted liquor-laden beverage every once in a while. I’m going to go out on a limb, and think that you prefer higher quality and higher standards in your products, where companies pay close attention to how their ingredients are treated, including their […]

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How does High pH Water affect Athletes?

Working out at any level is stressful for the body, and it’s important to pay attention to your hydration so you can perform at an increasingly better level. Not only does High pH water help performance, but athletes of all skills will notice shorter recovery times, less muscle soreness, reduction in fatigue and joint pain, […]

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Weight Loss and the Importance of Drinking Enough Water

You’ve ditched the fried food line and have been eating more veggies and fruits. You may have even given up dairy or gluten. You had some success in losing those extra pounds for the first couple of weeks, but now you’re stuck, and stumped for why you’ve stalled. Before you dig in to your diet […]

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